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    Previous president of Atlanta Booklet Printing Company

    James Wylie has more than 35 years of experience in graphic design, digital quick printing, and large format sign and banner printing, which started while serving as a digital print specialist and print production manager at Century Copy Solutions (1987-2005) and Copy Atlanta/CWC (2005-2013). As a member of Atlanta’s Desktop Publishing Club, and meeting many local printers, his interest in design led him to continue his career in the digital printing industry. During James’s career, he has gained expertise in various forms of printing and graphics and has become a one-stop shop for the commercial printing needs of hundreds of businesses and individuals throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

    Printing goes beyond just the basics and encompasses many different avenues. James has been able to expand his expertise into many other printing service areas such as booklet printing, banner printing, book printing, sticker printing, poster printing and so much more. Binding and non-binding services are a part of his service offerings. Running a successful copy shop for many years has made James an ace in all areas of printing.

    Prior to entering graphic design and printing, James spent many of his young years in Germany and attended Frankfurt American High School, before returning to the United States in 1979 when he moved to Atlanta.

    As a business owner James believes that:
    “Every company is a customer service company.”

    I write and sell my own books, and APPLE PIE PRINTING always delivers my perfect bound BOOKS in 2-3 days. GREAT SERVICE!

    Our magazine style play programs are PERFECT. We performed student plays in multiple local schools and delivery was made to each school by APPLE PIE PRINTING!

    We re-write our training manuals constantly and always need fast service. APPLE PIE PRINTING really comes through for us every time.

    My twin loop wire bound cookbooks look great and are very professional with laminated covers! APPLE PIE PRINTING even shipped them to another state for me!